Tuesday, December 2, 2014

White, White, White!!!

Its a beautiful sight, a dazzling white smile. Its probably the most common request that we get from our patients, "I want white teeth!"  Not too many people come in asking for a root canal ;-).  In any case, me and my staff just came back from the Greater New York Dental Meeting, the largest dental meeting certainly in the United States, probably the world. We saw some great products and discussed many new techniques which can help us serve our patients, and I'd love to discuss it with you, if you want to know.  The one group of products that have changed drastically over the years is tooth whitening systems.  There is in-office products, at home products, those you wear when sleeping, paint on products, and many others.  Some can cause sensitivity, but some are specifically formulated for the "sensitive" patient, which still work very well.  If its something you always considered, stop by and we can talk about it.  Of course your teeth must be healthy, without active cavities, and clean, before any whitening product is used.  Hope to hear from you soon if you have any questions, and of course, best wishes for a Happy Holiday season.
                                          Shirley and Lisa and Friend at the Dental Convention